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(Run By Immaculate Sisters)

Accredited with 'A+' Grade by NAAC - 1st Cycle

Recognized by 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC Act 1956

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"Aware, Alert, Act"

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All of us are citizens of our country from our birth to the very end of our lives. We consume food, medicines, clothes, household equipments etc., besides various services like telephone, civic services, etc. Constitution of India, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and various other laws have conferred number of rights on us: citizens of India. Are we aware of our rights as Citizens and consumers? Are we aware of the laws and regulations that safeguard consumers? Are we vigilant and cautious when we buy a product in a shop? Do we demand that our rights be enforced when a deficient product or a poor quality service is thrust on us after having paid our hard earned money? How many of us are conscious of our duties as a citizen? As a consumer? Do we not need to make education a character- building process? Answers to these questions show that initiatives could be lacking. Let us change ourselves and let us also help in changing the world around us. Let us realize that each time we are inattentive to our duties as citizens/ consumers or tolerate violation of our rights, we are endangering or inconveniencing our family, community and society at large. Each time we ignore a bad product or poor service or a crime, we are exposing as well as endangering or putting to loss thousands of citizen-consumers, who may fall prey to such violations, profiting a greedy service provider or an unethical manufacturer. Let us be responsible and duty-conscious citizens.

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CCC in Our College

The basic of any democracy is its people. Children and teenage students constitute the hope and future of every democracy. Investing in children and teenage students to handle life situations will no doubt generate the highest return in the form of enlightened and honest citizens.

CCC was inaugurated in our college on 03.03.2009. The Scheme on CITIZEN CONSUMER CLUB work on the motivational zeal of consumer groups and on the case of creating awareness among students at a very young age and through them the general public. We aim to build in children conscientiousness in doing what is right and boldness to question wrong.

We shall also be doing the Awareness program to the students for their growth and improvement while facing the society. Training manual for use by teachers/ consumer groups during formal sessions in the club to enable minimum exposure to the topics in a structured manner. We shall also be bringing out with new resolution for the Citizen Consumer for use of students in the Self Help Groups.

Motto of Citizen Consumer Club “AWARE, ALERT AND ACT” should be ingrained in students adopting innovative means. We expect the Citizen Consumer Club Teacher to be a friend, philosopher and guide for young children and teenage students in discovering the true worth and the enormous sense of responsibility that a citizen and consumer needs to develop.

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